When the material makes it's presence felt rather forcibly... (Or: why I've been away)


Hi there - finally online for a very, very brief moment.

The irony of a week’s online topic about the importance of accounting for the material not being convened by me due to the rather forceful intercession of material circumstances is not lost.

So - sorry!

If you didn’t spot it then we had more rain than normal even for Lancaster, quite a lot of rain really. Followed by flooding and then power cuts which took down the mobile networks… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-35024430 The power then went back out after briefly being restored on Monday but broadband still not back on yet. On top of that my phone stopped working (claiming no SIM card) so no mobile internet either after the networks came back up! Uni had no power and has been closed - partially open for graduation only today, so I’m finally, briefly, online for a few minutes before the ceremony.

So - those were the material circumstances that have led to my absence online until now, and soon to be repeated absence after this message. Latour talks a lot about how breakdowns reveal the agency of the material and that has certainly been the case, and continues to be the case here.

That’s some context - I’ll now try and read a few messages and reply but afraid the heat of this seat has been dampened a little by flooding… However that could be a topic in and of itself - when did the agency of the material forcibly make its presence felt for you???



Hey Steve,

That is a lot of rain and re your last question, every time I have been dumped by what I thought was a perfect wave…. body surfing… yep the agency of the material was bellowing at me :). Does the agency of the material extend to arthritic joints, pacemakers and/or intraocular lenses? If so I can tell the odd story :).

Your point about breakdowns resonates with Virilio’s work. Virilio is, in my crude terms, a philosopher of speed but has written a heap of interesting stuff around accidents, architecture (his base field), catastrophes etc.



I did a quick https://youtu.be/uDN4vrHwxbw in the meantime

I work on a radio show and we spin off clips
low production but could be a base for more comments