What else works at scale?


@chris Hi Chris. Thinking about the kinds of organisations that scale is useful. There’s a continuing tension in organisations as they scale and mature between centralisation that enables continuity, stability and maturity (civic buildings, rule of law, universities, libraries) and devolution that enables creativity, diversity and autonomy. That tension is being played out in MOOCs as they scale. Perhaps we should be looking at scalable processes rather than scalable systems - e.g. a dialectical process that enables growing inter-dependence and mutual understanding alongside diversity and creativity.


Hello everybody.

A college of mine referred me to this discussion since I am focusing on scalable open online education in my PhD research. I started a few months ago with my PhD and therefore find this forum very interesting.

I am wondering how you would define ‘succeed’. Are you talking about the quality of theories or types of learning?
Also I would like to know what the context of this discussion is.
(I am sorry if this question was already answered in this discussion)