Time flies when you are having fun


Our first hot seat week is almost over.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mike Sharples very much for inviting us into this fascinating topic of massive open social learning and stirring up the conversation amongst us all. This week saw a lot of activity and I hope we can continue this with the hot seats to come.

Mike’s hot seat will close officially on Sunday. After that Mike will not be around anymore, but we will leave to discussion open for people who wish to continue or simply would like to use it as a sources for reading.

Our next hot seat will start on November 8th with Sonia Livingstone. This hot seat will be about: Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning.

Hope to see you then and thank you all!!


Just to apologise for joining so late. It has been a busy week for other reasons. I may get to catch up a bit tomorrow but will try to prepare more time for the next one.


No worries, such is live. See you next :slight_smile:


Yes - good discussions it seems, though I haven’t been able to keep up - but as you say @maarten ‘such is life’ - thanks a lot to you @sharplem for initiating and maintaining such a lively debate. Also we should all really thank @jeffreykeefer and @Antoine for working behind the scenes on getting the discourse forum ready for the hot seats - and also for being part of organising them together with Maarten. Looking forward to the next one.


Indeed, this was a very active and informative Hot Seat, and I also want to thank @sharplem for helping us to focus on issues that evidently are of interest to many.

Please continue any of these discussions and continue to connect ongoing. One of the benefits of our new Hot Seats tool is that the threads can remain open to be read or commented upon, and as such we may never know how many others may gain ideas or references from what we have all started here.

Thank you all so very much, and we hope to see you again in the next Hot Seat that begins in a week http://forum.networkedlearning.net/c/november2015-boundarieslimits


Thanks for this hotseat – Mike and Maarten.


I was keeping up with reading (and liking) HotSeat Week 1 entries until last week when Campus Equity Week, complicated by inconsistent tagging, took over my computer. I’ve been working on a CEW archiving project using OneTab (for link bundles), Diigo and InoReader.

Time permitting I hope to post some comments before the next round. Then there is still the welcome/intro to catch up with…