This hot seat is nearing its end



We are approaching the end of our Hot Seat week with Sonia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sonia for leading us into an exploration of the boundaries and limits of networked and connected learning. I think we had a great and productive dialogue and please use the coming days or time that is left to make you ‘final’ contributions.
The Hot Seat will remain open after this week, but Sonia will have said her good-bye’s :smile:
Thanks Sonia and all who has taken part this week.



oh dear, we were just getting started

hope this continues in various ways


Thanks Maarten - this has been fun and I really welcome the chance to engage with such a thoughtful community. I too will continue pondering the points everyone has raised.

all the very best, Sonia


Thanks Sonia, it’s been great to engage with you and others


@SoniaLivingstone, this has been a rich conversation you started, and I am very glad we are now able to leave these conversations online for the benefit of readers, learners, and contributors to process on their own schedules. We know your time here is at an end, though these ideas and resources shall all continue. Thank you!