Preparing for Hot Seat #1: October 25-31, 2015 Mike Sharples


As we prepare for the first Hot Seat Discussion, we want to remind everybody that the scheduled facilitators have agreed to be able to attend, facilitate, answer, and otherwise join the conversations for the single week listed on the schedule. As such, our first scheduled facilitator in the Hot Seat is Mike Sharples @sharplem who will participate from Sunday, October 25 (GMT) through Saturday, October 31 (GMT).

While Mike will post his Welcome message and his session will be available a couple days before then, he will most likely not be able to attend and engage with us in a hands-on way until this coming Sunday the 25th.

However, this is a networked learning Hot Seat discussion, so feel free to add your thoughts, introduction, and your own ideas any time this week. While Mike will not join for a couple more days, there is nothing that will stop us from engaging however as we wish. One of the beautiful things about networked learning is it can happen at any time, including as soon as the topic is available!

Speaking for Maarten de Laat @maarten and myself, we want to welcome you to the 2015-2016 Hot Seats!


I’ve told you, that I like your platform a lot. But one thing I find annoying, and that is that links open in same window. Maybe this is a war of religions but when I click a link I expect it to open in a new window. I guess it’s a setting in you backend.



Thanks for the feedback, @Zerove!

Good point about links; I think I tweaked it. Can you refresh and let me know if links now open in a new tab?


Still open in same window for me. I’ve refreshed but no difference. I’ve only tried with the Chrome browser on a Mac.