Do you think we can benefit from an open Hot Seat Lounge?


A couple people suggested having a dedicated discussion space for topics related to the Hot Seats and Networked Learning community in general. Do you agree? Any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to reply here or start your own new topic here to discuss!


Hi @jeffreykeefer,
Strangely enough I do not see my reply here anymore. Hm?
I wanted to add one more comment on the idea (I think I forgot yesterday).
If you decide to create a lounge - I would love that - you will have to take into consideration the effort it takes to keep it going. I mentioned the rule of 1-9-90 and the stewarding it takes to ensure that a lounge is a vibrant environment that is acknowledge as relevant for either the very active, the somewhat active and the lurkers is demanding. You don’t visit a dead forum twice.
If you have the woman power to do it, it could be great :smile:



Is this your reply that you were looking for? About the HotSeat Lounge category

I agree that it takes some attention, though even if it is a somewhat related place, such as right here, that could work during the week or two that we have Hot Seat discussions during the months when we run them. I agree about not visiting a dead forum twice, though I am not sure what you meant by having the woman power to do it . . .


Thanks, yes it was. I misplaced it myself? Never mind.
I ‘woman power’ was only suggest that it takes man power/time to steward a lounge. And in order not to use man power (male-centric) I just wrote woman power. If you are a small group you can take turns stewarding - that was the basic idea :smiley: