ANT's are leaving town this weekend....& Thanks to Steve


Hi Everybody,
I would just like to indicate that our Hot Seat on ANT(s) with Steve is ending this weekend. The Hot Seat will remain open and please feel free to continue your discussions.
However i would like to take the opportunity to thank Steve very much for his highly valued expertise in this area and taking the time to lead this topic for us.

Cheers Steve and have a beer on us :smile:



Many thanks for the invitation Maarten.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better illustration and performance of “What are all the links in the chains that connect you to the message above in order to reply? What are those links dependent on and enmeshed in? And what agency do they have in shaping how you respond? Are those connections engaged with, acknowledged or incorporated into your research, work or practice? How?”
than having those networks so forcibly cut for the majority of the hot seat - and the power cut and disruption showed a lot about the networks and how taken-for-granted they have become (as well as the importance of maintaining analogue networks as they have a resilience).

I’d like to thank those who have participated and look forward to extending these discussions at the conference once you;re all here in Lancaster - I’m sure some of the discussions will continue here or over on the FB group - do come along and join in!



Many thanks to Steve for sending me some excellent resources that I can tap for further reading/research. I found this to be very engaging. I would have sent this directly to Steve but I couldn’t figure out how to access his mail! M.C.Moran, Vermont Agency of Education
Note: I’m reading “A Guide to Third Generation Coaching - Narrative-Collaborative Theory and Practice” by Reinhard Stelter (2014) (University of Copenhagen) and have been finding lots of connective tissue between the pages and our the discussion threads.


I have been thinking about this Actor-Network Theory conversation, especially as I just completed (finally!) Latour’s We Have Never Been Modern, and am wondering if anybody from the Hot Seats (specifically with an interest in Actor-Network Theory) will be attending the Networked Learning Conference in May?