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Sorry. No.

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If you wish to make a case that your work is (a) the same, and (b) prior, you need to cite specific instances, not entire theses or articles.

For example, I read your 2008 paper on social networks in learning, and I am reminded of my 2005 paper, e-learning 2.0.

Note especially that areas of true originality in this field, as in any field, are vanishingly small. I was by no means the first person to suggest the use of social networks in e-learning. And the concept itself is a progression from the days when multi-user environments were used in learning (see my 1995 presentation on the topic ).

Finally, life is too short for this sort of game. If you wish to lay claim to some specific piece of original research, go for it.

For myself, I will stay with my usual disclaimer that I frequently state in my presentations. : “Everything in my work was originally discovered by someone else, is described better by someone else, and is more accurately stated by someone else. My work here is to describe and explain my own work, such as it is.”


Your work on e-learning 2.0 is basically a re-branding of others and my work on Classroom 2.0 between 2002 and 2004 and beyond:

Much of this was in my MSc Thesis. For instance my use of buddy-lists, reusable artefacts, pedagogical agents, adaptive technology, multi-lingual interfaces, peer-to-peer interaction including at a distance. The “Persuasive, Adaptable, Sociable and Sustainable” (PASS) approach came from this.

Others worked on Classroom 2.0 around the same time. I didn’t really like the term, as I didn’t E-Learning 2.0 and Web 2.0. For me, Web 2.0 was what Web 1.0 was intended to be!


You really need to get out more.


@dustcube If I were to take your advice, then I wouldn’t be the highly accomplished person I am. If my CV looked like yours, I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public that’s for sure. At least I can run a media corporation for more than one year, and operate outside of academia doing real research.



I am so happy you’re so pleased with yourself. Enjoy.


Hi all,

I am really not happy with the tone that is developing here during the last couple of posts within this thread. I am all for a critical dialogue which may be provoking at times, but we should refrain from making it personal and start making insults. I am sure we are better than that.



Maarten, correct. None of this has a place in this forum.