About the HotSeat Lounge category


Have anything related to Networked Learning you want to discuss that does not fit into a Hot Seat topic? Thoughts or questions you want to ask or share with our connected community? Resources or announcements or the like? While this space may be used in addition to our Facebook or Twitter conversations, let’s see where it goes . . .

Do you think we can benefit from an open Hot Seat Lounge?

I think it’s a very good idea - but that is easy to say when you are really engage as is the case with this hot seat. Like the format for the forum - Twitter sometimes is hard because of the restraint to the 140.
Online communities suffer from the 1-9-90-rule so a lot of people have to be engage for a community to stay alive - not to say vibrant :wink:
BTW: its a great platform you use - very user friendly : )



Thanks, @Zerove! BTW, how did you even see I posted this? Just wondering, as I left it silent to see who may find it!!


I was notified in the system, that there was a new topic and an unread post - Jeg just followed the lead and got to you - Beside that I’m incredible smart :wink: I find stuff even at the second page of a Google search.